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Why Should I Reset My Garage Door Opener Code?

A new garage door opener with a handy remote makes our life pretty easy; by the simple click of a button your garage door opens up. However, a code can put you at risk of theft if that password gets in the wrong hands. Read through this blog for some easy steps to reset a garage door code in case you feel the need to change it for security reasons.

Things To Look Out for Before You Reset the Garage Door Code

Before you decide to reset the garage door code, make sure that the keypad on the garage door opener and your remote have new fresh batteries.

Resetting Garage Door Openers That Work with Code – 4 Easy Steps

1. Grab Your Ladder & Find Your Garage Door Motor Climb up and identify the garage door motor and where the reset button is.

2. Press the Reset Button on the Side of the Motor Once you successfully reach your motor, look for the Reset button on the control panel. Now, press it down and hold it in until the light right beside it starts flickering, an indicator that your door’s code memory is wiped out.

3. Change The Garage Door Code After the old information is out, it is time to put in the new code in. Press the reset button again, and hold it until the light turns on. Now, you enter the code on the garage door keypad to mark the change and hit enter.

Once done, it will start flickering. This indicates that the garage door program has accepted the code change.

4. The Garage Door Remote Code After turning the motor off, stay away from the door and grab the remote. Press the button on your remote and hold it for a few seconds. IT should show the light on the motor will begin to flicker. This indicates that you have programmed the new code correctly

Reasons Why You Should Change Your Garage Door Code

1. Recent Service Work In Your Home

2. Lost Your Remote

3. Recently Moved Into Your New Home

4. Limit Access To The Garage

5. In the case of Hacking Possibility

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