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Why Install MyQ Garage Door Technology For My Arizona Home?

For decades, all homeowners expect their garage door to do is simply open and close with the push of a button. The was about the extent of garage door opener technology.

Just like everything in life, technology is evolving and so is your garage door opener. Thanks to LiftMaster's new myQ technology, your garage door can now do so much more. The newest version of these smart garage door openers can not only simplify your life but will improve your home security in ways that you may have not thought possible. Come along with us as we break down what is MyQ technology and why you should make sure you get it installed.


Everything sounds interesting surrounding the MyQ, right? But what exactly is it?

MyQ is a wireless garage door technology which allows you to monitor and control your garage door at anytime from anywhere in the world by simply using your smartphone. Left for vacation and worried that you left the garage door open? Check your MyQ app on your smartphone. Concerned about your home's safety and your garage activity? Check the app. Want to open your garage door for your child returning from school at the end of the day? Yes, use the app!

How does this work? It's simple. The smart home technology connects your garage door opener to your garage door sensors or connects to your home's Wi-Fi! This connection allows you to do all we stated above right from the FREE LiftMaster MyQ app.

MyQ can be installed and is compatible with a large portion of garage door openers. If you don't have an opener that is connected to the MyQ technology we can install one for you! Before you jump right into the installation process, keep scrolling to see what the biggest advantages of the MyQ technology is.


Consider this: what would life be like if you could open your garage door whenever you would like from wherever you are? This technology is simply incredible and could make a huge impact on your everyday life. Here are a few perks to having this powerful technology installed in your home.

  • Higher Security - Be Alerted From Any Suspicious Activity The MyQ app allows you the ability to set up alerts that will tell you whenever your garage door opens. If this seems suspicious to you, you will have the ability to take immediate action if ever your garage is opened and you know that it wasn’t you or a family member who did so. This is an especially valuable safeguard for people who travel often or own some type of vacation property.

  • Never Stress About Whether You Closed Your Garage Door The chances of you experiencing this sometime in your life is extremely high. You were so excited to get to that Saturday morning soccer game that you forgot to close the door! You’re far away from home—in traffic, at the store, at work—and the thought hits you: “Did I close the garage?” If you have LiftMaster’s MyQ technology, you can know instantly if the door is open or not. If the garage door is open, you can close it immediately and eliminate the need to return home.

  • Check In On Your Family & Friends Being able to receive alerts about your garage door opening and closing allows you to keep track of the comings and goings of your kids. One way this is often used by our clients is making sure that your kids have arrived home safe after school. If you are an early riser you have the ability to ensure your family closes the door when they leave for the day.

  • Gives Access To People You Trust Having the ability to open and close your garage door from your smartphone can be extremely helpful if you need to allow a friend, dog walker, or anyone else into your garage. Have them let you know they have arrived at the home and all you have to do is simply open the door. You may have even seen this new technology allowing companies like Amazon to deliver your new package and place it right inside your garage. This keeps porch thieves away from stealing your coveted Amazon packages. Not to mention you can watch the delivery happen in real time with your security camera.


MyQ technology is integrated into all newer Liftmaster brand garage door openers. If you have one of these openers, you have all the hardware you need. You just have to download the free MyQ app and ensure that there’s a Wi-Fi signal in your garage. This may be a tricky process so we recommend having this new process installed and set up by a trusted garage door technician like Garage Door Grunts.


MyQ does not just stop at residential properties. It's innovative technology is sweeping into the world of commercial business as a way to offer a cloud-based solution that keeps you up to date and in control of all your facilities access points. Not only will this offer greater security to your business but will allow you to work smarter, improve efficiencies and reduce expenses.

The MyQ Smart Facility Access allows you to monitor all access points in real time from one dashboard. This technology has been found extremely useful for:

  • Warehouses

  • Firehouses

  • Automotive Centers

What are the benefits for your commercial property in using Smart Facility Access powered by MyQ?

Improve Efficiency

Get an analysis of commercial door, dock and gate activity, including information to make data-driven decisions about facility operations.

Reduce Expenses

Learn about operational outliers and know which doors are costing you too much.

Prioritize Safety

See the current status of each door and dock in real time with alerts of safety concerns.

Simplify Maintenance

Track equipment cycle count and receive alerts for past due maintenance.

Run your business in a more efficient and powerful way by connecting with the power of MyQ Smart Technology today by talking to Garage Door Grunts today!


If you’re looking for a superior garage door opener, Garage Door Grunts has got you covered. We intend to offer the best products possible to our customers so everyday convivence, safety, and style are all increased.

We offer top of the line LiftMaster openers that include MyQ technology. To learn more about the MyQ technology or for a quote on a new garage door opener contact us today!

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