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Why an Insulated Garage Door is the Right Move in 2021

For the homeowner a garage door is the gateway and primary entrance into the home. Most homes typically have rooms that surround the garage, so it's essential to keep the interior temperature as controlled as possible. Having a well-insulated garage door will help properly maintain the temperature of your garage by keeping the interior cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

There are a number of impactful factors of a well insulated garage door, replacing your garage door can help reduce energy costs in keeping your garage at a comfortable temperature.

Here are a few benefits to consider when selecting a thermally efficient insulated garage door:

Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

While you may not think an insulated garage door is a necessity, we are here to assure you that there are a multitude of benefits. Here are just a few of the benefits your insulated garage door can provide you.

  • Thermal Efficiency: If you have a insulated garage door along with the surrounding walls of the garage are properly insulated, your thermal efficiency is going to rise drastically. This allows your garage to maintain a sufficient temperature.

  • A More Comfortable Garage: When properly insulated, your garage door can help regulate your garage temperature year-round. For residential homeowners in the great Phoenix area this can be a life saver for those warm summer months.

  • Limits Air Leakage: Along with a more comfortable environment having a insulated garage door will prevent the hot or cold air from escaping through the garage door.

  • Better Durability: Insulation can provide an extra layer of protection to help negate dents. This will help keep your curb appeal for years to come.

  • Limits Outside Noise: A loud and noisy street late in the evening can be a homeowners nightmare. Owning a insulated garage door will help reduce street noise from seeping it's way into your home.

Consider This When Selecting Insulated Garage Doors

The Importance of R-Value

When selecting a new garage door or deciding if a insulated garage door is something you need to consider, measure your R-value first. The efficiency of your insulation is shown in this R-value, by measuring the thermal resistance to heat flow. If the R-Value is high than that means you have better insulation in the door.

Other Tips and Tricks to Consider

  • Air leakage: A gap between your garage door and the ground can cause air to escape your garage, leaving even the most well-insulated doors useless when it comes to energy-efficiency. Utilizing and installing proper fitting seals, weather-strips and hardware, you can greatly reduce energy loss. Garage Door Grunts is detailed orientated to ensure that your garage door is properly sealed.

  • Windows: Windows on a garage door can be extremely attractive and may boost curb appeal, but it could be a source of energy loss. If you are thinking about installing a insulated garage door with windows look for windows that have low-emissivity coatings which will aid in decreasing energy loss.

  • Rooms and Walls: A properly installed insulated garage door without well-insulated garage walls, can make a huge impact on the efficiency of your garage door. This also includes rooms above or around your garage. If those rooms are not insulated, it can create extra pressure on your garage.

Professionally Installed

Purchasing a door with professionally installed insulation is far less time consuming and more cost effective. When choosing a garage door professional like Garage Door Grunts, you won't have to worry about insulation panels falling off, cutting insulation, or having to adjust your garage door springs for the added weight yourself. Having your insulated garage door professionally installed can save you from a monster headache in the future, not adjusting the springs alone can cause years off your garage doors lifespan and more tension on your wallet. We will also ensure the peak R Value is reached without having any gaps where heat or cold can be released.

Selecting a garage door is not as easy as it may seem. Be sure to be selective on if the garage door is fitting your needs, increasing the value of your home, or helping save money in the long run. Garage Door Grunts offers several thermal efficient insulated garage doors for all types of Phoenix Valley homes. Follow the tips and ideas we have outlined above and you will be able to increase your garage door's insulation.

Learn more about our services at or give us a call directly at (623)-219-8460.

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