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What Should You Do If You Need A Garage Door Track Repair?

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Your garage door has stopped working properly and you notice your garage door has fallen off its tracks! What do you do now? This article will break it all down.

If your garage door has fallen off its tracks you will need a off track garage door repair. Nothing can be more frustrating than coming home after a long day of work only to find your garage is off it's track. The best option and quickest fix to this issue which will relieve you from your new found stress, is to call the professionals like Garage Door Grunts, to make sure that you get it fixed and get it fixed right.

An off track door can be caused for a number of reasons. Your track could be bent, alignment may be off, or it can be making a lot of noise. No matter the issue the technicians at Garage Door Grunts will get your garage door working correctly.

We understand the stress that can come from having a malfunctioning garage door and we want to ensure we can ease that frustration as soon as possible. Let's take a look at why garage doors fall of their track in the first place.

What can cause my garage door to go off track?

There are many ways and causes that will lead to a broken or misaligned track. The most common reason, however, a garage door may fall of the track is if an obstruction gets in the way of allowing the door to close correctly. Your safety sensors might miss an obstruction and fail to detect the object, causing the door to go off track. Another probable cause could be a garage door opener that has not been properly set.

Another less common issue that may cause your door to fall off the track is if you hit it with your car. If you were pulling out to fast without your garage door being fully opened, it can cause the door to come off the track simply by the car's force.

There are other instances, a garage door may fall off the track because of issues with the track system's parts. The rollers on the track could have worn out over time or the lift cables may snap. These two issues can happen out of no where and can cause the garage door to fall off track immediately.

Between a faulty part or a breakage in the track, we always recommend having the door fixed by a garage door expert who has the tools, experience, and knowledge it takes to get your door back to working perfectly. Fixing a off track garage door can be a difficult process and we don't want you or a loved one to be injured during the process. An off track garage door can potentially fall on your or your car which can cause significant damage much worse than a off track door.

Garage Door Off Track Maintenance Tips

  1. Periodically take out debris in the track. Lubricate the garage door rollers with silicone spray to lengthen their life.

  2. Check that all bolts wielding the garage door track are safe. Check the bolts wielding the parts of the door together also.

  3. The garage door track needs to be plumb or straight up and down. Always check it with a carpenter’s level. Adjust it, if need be, by loosening the supporting brackets a little and adjusting the track then retightening the brackets.

  4. Do not adjust or alter the bottom bracket. It hooks up with the spring system that operates the door. If you loosen it, the tension spring could potentially cause serious physical harm. Get in touch with a technician if your door has an issue near the bottom of the track.

If need help doing these things are would rather have a professional take care of it for you, use our maintenance service to make sure the jobs done right.

Do you need a off track garage door repair?

If you need a garage door track repair, you have come to the right place! Garage Door Grunts has spent years serving the people of Glendale, Arizona and the surrounding areas with all their garage door repair needs. We are your local garage door repair and installation company in Glendale, Arizona; we want to ensure you have a company that sincerely cares about you and your garage.

For more information, call us today at (623)-219-8460. You can also visit our website at

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