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What Should I Do If I Back Up Into My Garage Door?

If you are reading this you may have just backed up your nice pickup truck right into your garage door, or your new driver in the family might have accidently put the car in reverse instead of drive. Luckily, you have come to the right place. Don't feel to bad, you are not the first person that this has ever happened to and there are a number of easy fixes that can make sure your garage door is back to working properly!

If your wondering what the next steps may be to fix your garage door after hitting it with a car, we have got you covered. Below you will see our simple guide on what to do when you have a smashed garage door at your Glendale, Arizona home.

Assess the Damage of Your Garage Door

"I hit my garage door with my care, what do I do!?"

Your first step is to take a long, deep, breath and begin to assess the damage of the garage door. Make sure that all your family and pets are safe and then begin the process of identifying the damage to the garage door.

One important thing to note: it is safe to look, but recommend the touching be left to the professionals! Remove any risk factor of possibly being injured or causing more damage to the garage door by not trying to move or fix it by yourself. The door may look okay, but trying to use your garage door opener or manually forcing your door open could cause permanent damage to the garage door system and could potentially lead your garage door to lose control door and fall down on you.

Be sure to take photos of any possible damage that you see to make a record of what has happened.

This will help your garage door repair company understand how to best serve you. After you record your damages we recommend calling a garage door expert to assess the damage before moving forward with anything else. You may be surprised on how much cheaper it may be to have them fix a simple dent. Garage Door Grunts is Glendale, Arizona & the greater Phoenix Valley's go to source for all garage door repair needs and are simply one call away.

As you wait for the repair professionals to arrive, you may want to identify any damage to your car. Take pictures of any vehicle damage. This may be the time to consider next steps in any needed care repairs or talking with your car insurance company.

What’s Wrong With My Garage Door?

You probably want to know what damage occurred if you backed into your closed garage door and what you can do to fix it. A have provided a list of common scenarios our garage professionals frequently fix here in the Phoenix area:

Your Garage Door Is Stuck Open

If you were to hit the garage door during the process of it opening or you tried to open the door after the initial accident, it may very likely be stuck. This can be an obvious security issue if you have anything of value in your garage. We recommend contacting a garage door repair company to get this problem fixed as soon as possible. Companies like Garage Door Grunts offer many services 24/7 ready to help you at any moment. Try not to open or close your door manually, this can cause much more damage.

Garage Door Has Fallen Off-Track

If you assess the damage and believe that your garage door got off track, try not to touch it or do anything else until a professional arrives. It could be potentially dangerous to try to fix a garage door that fell off its track as the door could fall at any minute. Waiting for an expert to fix it safely is a must in this scenario.

Your Door Is Bent or Crooked At The Bottom

This one is just simple do it yourself kind of project, right? Wrong. It is much more intense and complicated than it may look to fix a dent in your garage door. Trying to do the job yourself may cause more damage than letting a garage door repair company do it for you. This may lead to you having to replace your garage door entirely. If it is anything more than a small bump in the door, we really recommend you call in the professionals.

My Garage Door Opener is Not Working

You hit your garage door and nothing looks to have caused any damage. It is typical to just try to use your garage door opener just like normal. If the door opener is not performing you may need to contact a garage door repair professional. There could be some that has disrupted the entire garage door opener system. This may be very difficult to identify for the average homeowner.

Should I Replace a Dented Garage Door or Leave It?

Each scenario can be very different. Your garage door may be safe to use with a dent and you may be able to use it for sometime. You may be able to even unbend a garage door, depending on its size. If you don't mind the new dent on your door you might not have to completely replace it as long as the joints are all still lining up correctly. We just recommend reinforcing the damaged panel to make sure it does not split. If all this seems like to much effort, contact your local garage door repair company.

If your garage door has more than a few panels damaged you might want to completely replace the door. Replacing all necessary panels might add up to the price of a new door anyways. If you have a garage door that is been around for more than 5 years and has damage to more than just one panel it may be the best move to replace the entire door. Garage Door Grunts offers all major brands of new garage doors.

Replacing a garage door has one of the highest returns on investment for any home improvement. So, if you want to invest in something new, a garage door could be the best option.

Contact Garage Door Grunts For Your Glendale, AZ Repair Today!

As a Veteran-Owned and operated company we are committed to helping the residents of Glendale and the greater Phoenix Metro area with all their garage door needs. Whether that be a off-track garage door repair, installing a new garage door or properly setting up the MyQ smart opener for your garage door!

We are here to help! Contact us by clicking here to get a free quote or call us directly at (623)-219-8460.

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