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What Is The Cost of A New Garage Door in Glendale, Arizona?

Are you a current homeowner thinking about installing a new garage door? Costs can vary drastically across Glendale, Arizona and the greater Phoenix Valley. Garage Door Grunts has offered garage door installations, replacements and repair services for years in Glendale, Cave Creek, Avondale, Peoria, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Anthem and the surrounding areas and have the experience to give you the proper estimate for pricing out your next garage door project.

Understand this article is given to give you a rough estimate of what goes into the overall pricing of a garage door. Each garage door installation or replacement is unique, and though the numbers we share here are based on years of experience, they are more of the basis of a general install. If you are looking for an exact number give us a call and we will get you a free quote.

Lets dive in to the main factors that will determine your garage door installation cost for your Glendale, Arizona home.

Garage Door Size

The greatest factor when calculating the cost of garage door is the overall size of the garage door. Size is important due to the amount of materials or labor that will be needed to ship, create, and install the garage door. Simply, the larger the door the higher the cost.

A steel 8’ x 7’ garage door (standard single door) will start at around $600 installed. A steel 16’ x 7’ garage door (standard double door) starts at around $900 installed. Keep in mind that this is for a steel, non-insulated door with a standard color, finish, and panel style.

Garage doors that are 18’ and wider require struts to prevent bending and warping over time, which also requires more in materials and installation. These are installed per panel, so the overall amount depends on the height and width of the door.

Insulated VS. Non-Insulated Garage Doors

Adding insulation to a garage door can usually add anywhere from 25% to 50% to the overall price of the garage door. Insulated panel garage doors have a vinyl plastic backing as where steel will have been insulation value and panel durability and will cost more.

A properly insulated garage door will offer better temperature management of your entire garage, reduce sound and vibration while opening or closing the door. If you decide to go with steel-backed insulated panels they will most likely last much longer compared to a non-insulated door. This can be one of the best options if you are family that opens or closes your garage door very often.

Garage Door Material Costs

Selecting a garage door can be a fun experience for your Glendale home! There are a number of available materials for garage doors including aluminum, wood, vinyl, steel, fiberglass, and more!

That being said, steel has become one of the most popular options due to it being one of the most affordable material without sacrificing durability and curb appeal. A lot of "wood" doors you may see in your area are likely to be steel panels with a wood texture placed on front of the garage door. A lot of times with these types of doors you may not be able to tell it is a steel garage door unless you are looking very closely.

Aluminum and wood garage doors are also a popular material option many customers select for their new garage door. If you are a commercial business you may choose to install an aluminum door to reduce the weight of a door like a full-view glass door for a car dealership.

Another option for your garage doors is real wood. This can often time be costly because of the cost of material and the process to make the door. These doors often require more maintenance than some of the other materials.

Selecting Color & Panel Style

Much like other renovation and installation industries garage door manufactures will create their production around the most trending styles. Anything that may be outside of those trends can be a factor in the overall garage door price. White, almond, sandstone, along with a handful of other colors are often times the most popular and standard options. If you decide to go with a custom color, special finishes, or a wood grain pattern can increase your final cost.

Panel style garage doors have several standard options. Some of the most common found in the Phoenix area are short panel garage doors. Many builders elect to use panel style because they are a low cost option. Some manufactures will offer other styles that can come in at a little higher of a price. These options can include long panel garage doors.

Selecting a complementary color and style to your home or business you can find an affordable door that fits your look, feel, and wallet!

Garage Door Windows

A new garage door with energy efficient windows can be a huge curb appeal boost to your home. They offer great natural light into the garage and look really, really sharp!

The added costs for windows for your garage door can vary depending on the manufacturer you choose and the options they have available. Some manufactures use windows that are inserted by removing a panel and installing the windows into that space. These can run around $150 for each panel on the garage door. Prices can begin to rise based on size and any additional upgrades like insulation or finish.

There are some manufacturers however that have door models that come directly to the distributor with winnows already installed. These can add to the value with the additional light being available but can potentially cost more.

Garage Door Upgrades

Additional upgrades that come with a garage door installation can add to the overall cost of the garage door. If weather trim is needed to fill the gap between the door and framing, you can potentially incur additional costs.

Another additional expense can be specific decorative hardware for the door. These are not required but many homeowners will add these to their doors as a last touch. They can a real pop to the door, but come at an additional cost.

Additional Garage Door Pricing Factors

Another additional charge can come with the amount of man power required to install the door itself. A larger, heavier, door may take multiple technicians to load and install the door. A lighter door can be installed by one person within just a few hours.

Heavier doors may require stronger hardware, such as hinges and tracks, to operate efficiently.

Find The Best Price For Your Garage Door Installation

If you are searching for a new garage door for your Arizona home, we recommend that you do your due diligence so you don't end up paying way more money or find yourself unsatisfied with the door.

  1. Understand the Garage Door Company You Are Working With. View their customer reviews on places like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Do their customers love the work they provide?

  2. Understand the Estimate. Each item on the estimate should be tailored to your needs and desires. Understand what you are getting before pulling the trigger.

  3. Ask about the warranty. If something were to happen to your garage door will it be able to be replaced? Do they offer repair services?

Ready to Find That New Garage Door in Arizona?

Garage Door Grunts is a veteran owned and operated company and we pride ourselves in offering the best services possible to the residents of Glendale and the greater Phoenix Valley. If you are considering replacing your garage door or are working on a new commercial or residential building, we can provide great looking garage doors at a fair and honorable price.

We offer free over the phone quotes and will gladly visit your property to give you a more detailed estimate for your new door. We do all the work from ordering the garage door and necessary materials to installation!

Contact us today to get started!

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