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What Is That Noise? Common Garage Door Sounds You Should Be Aware Of

Have you ever been leaving for work one morning, and you notice your garage door making a strange new noise — maybe a grinding sound or squeak as it opens or closes. Your garage door may still open and close as needed, but many homeowners make the mistake of not asking what these unfamiliar sounds could mean.

By failing to identify any potential problems, it may lead to your garage door failing to operate when you need it to. This can not only be an inconvenience but cause you to hire a garage door professional near you to perform an emergency garage door repair.

In this article we will break down a few common garage door noises that you should be aware of as a Glendale or Phoenix homeowner.

Common Garage Door Noises

Most homeowners use their garage doors more often than their front doors, so noting unusual sounds is crucial to ensure you’re never stranded inside or outside of your home. Having a garage door that reliably opens and closes as needed means many homeowners ignore unusual garage door noise. To know if your garage door needs repair, listen for these common garage door noises and note their causes:

  • Clink: Springs/Coils rubbing together — this can often be caused by rust

  • Rumble: Loosened spring/coil tension

  • Tick: Worn pulleys or bearings

  • Bang: Defective garage door panels or misaligned tracks

  • Grind: Worn rollers

  • Squeal: Garage door out of balance

Garage Door Opener Sounds

If you know that your garage door is not the source of the strange sounds, maybe your garage door opener is the cause of the extra racket. Some common causes of a garage door opener making sounds include if the machine is older than 7 years or chain-operated. Common garage door opener sounds include:

  • Rattling: Support rails or loose chain

  • Grinding: Poor lubrication of moving parts

  • Straining: Defective motor or inadequate power/horsepower

Are Garage Door Noises Serious?

Regardless of what type of noise your garage door is making, you should have a garage door professional inspect your system. Some issues like poor lubrication are slightly less serious than a broken spring coil. If you suspect something is wrong with your garage door, you should call the professionals at Garage Door Grunts. The weight and degree of tension in the springs and cables can pose a safety hazard for those inexperienced with garage door repair.

It may be a simple fix or a big one, but in reality it is better to be safe than sorry.

How to Reduce Garage Door Noise

To prevent unwanted garage door noise, trust a professional to perform annual garage door maintenance. With regular maintenance, you can reduce premature wear and prolong the lifespan of your garage door and opener. When one of our garage door repair technicians inspects your system, we’ll check your garage door panels, hardware, tracks, rollers, springs and cables — lubricating and testing all moving parts, ensuring everything is working properly and calibrated correctly.

If there seems to be a need or a repair, we’ll recommend any necessary options to ensure that your system continues to work properly.

Call Garage Door Grunts to Inspect Your Noisy Garage Door

Garage Door Grunts strives to be the full garage doo service and repair provider for the entire Phoenix Valley. You can count on our reliable and friendly garage door installation and maintenance services to ensure that your garage door is performing properly.

Set up your garage door maintenance today by calling us at 623-219-8460 or schedule an appointment with our online form.

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