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Ideas to Decorate Your Garage Door This Christmas

The Christmas season is here in Glendale, Arizona! If you are decorating your home this holiday season we have some great ideas for your garage door Christmas decorations. We've listed a few fun ideas for decorating your garage door for the holidays below!

Bright Holiday Lights

Can you beat classic holiday lights over your garage door? String twinkling holiday lights around the opening of your garage door. To make the decorations even more beautiful try attaching garland around the garage door opening. Don't worry about your garage door, because this type of decoration does not interfere with garage door operation. If you enjoy stringing lights around your home, this scheme will match with your other decorations perfectly.

Wrap Your Garage as a Present

Wrap your garage door with two giant waterproof outdoor ribbons, one positioned horizontally and one positioned vertically. Cross them in the middle, and place a bow in the center. Your garage door will take on the appearance of a giant gift, wrapped up for the holidays.

This can be a fun and different way to decorate for the holidays. This type of decoration is recommended for only those who don't use their garage door often. Don't leave the bow on when attempting to open and close the door as it can cause damage to your door operation system.

Hang a Giant Wreath

Buy or create a huge Christmas wreath and place it in the center of the garage door. Do not use this decoration if you intend to use your garage door, the wreath will likely get stuck when the door is opening.

Garage Door Illusion

Garage door murals are available online and can usually be found in home improvement stores. These murals are designed to be hung on the outside of the door and create the illusion that something impossible is happening inside the garage.

At the holidays, murals are available that can make your garage look like Santa’s workshop or a winter wonderland. These decorations are easy to install, weatherproof, and most companies advertise that you can continue to use the garage door even when one is attached.

Get a Garage Door Tune Up With Garage Door Grunts

Christmas season is no time to have to worry about your garage door operating properly. Garage door grunts serves all your garage door repair and installation needs in the Glendale, Arizona and Greater Phoenix Metro area.

Contact our garage door team for a tune up or free consultation. If you are looking to purchase a new garage door this Christmas we can help you find the perfect door for your home!

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