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How to Keep Your Garage Door Secure in Glendale, AZ

If you are like most Glendale homeowners your garage is where you probably store your car, tools, equipment, and other valuables that you would normally want to keep safe but separate from the main living portion of your home. Garages can be a vulnerable area of your home, often serving as an entrance and exit and being more isolated than others areas of the house.

We get it! You might be thinking, "my Phoenix neighborhood is super safe and I have never had issues!" Although that may be true there is always the risk of burglars of those willing to break into your unsecure garage and taking your valuable items. We want to help ensure the maximum level of safety for your home. Through proper technology and these proven tips, you can sleep easy knowing your home is secure! View the following tips to get started:

Keep Your Garage Door Closed and Locked

This might seem a little too simple, but how often do we forget to close our garage door when trying to bring in all the groceries after a long day? Never leave the garage door open, even if somebody is at home. Anyone who might pass by or takes a moment to look in may find something interesting to them, especially if there is anything valuable kept in the garage. Do not leave windows open and keep both doors and windows locked when no one is around. For homes with attached garages, it is recommended that the door leading to the house be kept locked to maximize your security.

Let There Be Light! Keep Your Garage Lights On

Nothing can scare off a potential thieve or burglar than a well-lit garage. We recommend installing lights at all door entries and windows if possible. Exterior lighting like recessed lights or lamps will add even another layer of security and even add a little extra to your home's curb appeal.

If you’re concerned about energy bills from running the lights often or need an extra layer of lighting security, install motion detecting floodlights that only turn on when someone is nearby. These bright lights will let you and others know that there was unexpected movement in the area and will surely scare many potential thieves away.

Cover Your Garage Windows

Utilize covers or curtains over the windows in your garage to prevent anyone from seeing any tools or valuable equipment you might own. You can use sheer materials like fabric or plastic sheets that will still allow light in, but stop potential thieves from taking a peek into your garage.

Install The Most Reliable Garage Door

One of the biggest protectors to your home should be your garage door. Your door should be a strong and solid obstacle between the interior of your home and the outside world. Even in the safest of neighborhoods, it is still a good idea to choose a door that is built with the highest quality materials but still offers a curb appeal boost to your home. You can find beautiful recessed panel doors, raised-panel garage doors, carriage-house style doors all right here with the help of Garage Door Grunts.

If you intend to use your garage to store highly valuable equipment, tools, or other items, then it’s often a smart decision to choose a solid steel door with no windows or easily accessible openings. We also recommend hiring a professional garage door company right here in Glendale to make sure they install the door correctly and can offer any additional safety products to enhance the security of your home such as our MyQ smart garage door openers.

Install an Alarm System With Your Garage Door

Many garage door openers also have built-in security features, including a self-closing system or the ability to monitor when the door is open or closed. Many openers now often integrate with smartphone apps, so you can even open or close your garage door over the Internet. This can be perfect when letting in that Amazon delivery right from your desk at work. Find your smart opener by clicking here.

Keep Your Garage Door Security Code To Yourself

If you use a wireless keypad installed outside of your garage, we recommend limiting the number of people that have that code to as little as possible. When using the keypad, make sure no one sees the numbers that you press. If you have to share the code with someone, be sure it is someone that you can trust, and then change the code often to maximize your home security.

Hide Your Remote Control in Your Car

Many homeowners have become so used to clipping their garage door opener remote right to the sun visor in your vehicle. This can be a safety issue for that one time you forget to lock your car. We recommend hiding your opener in your glove compartment or another storage part of your car. If some were to get ahold of that opener if would offer direct access into your garage and possibly home.

Need Help Installing A New Garage Door in Glendale?

If you are considering increasing your home security, installing a new garage door, or replacing a bad garage door opener, our team at Garage Door Grunts would love to serve you. As a veteran-owned and operated company, we are committed to offering the best garage door products, services, and repairs to the people of Glendale and the surrounding areas.

Contact us today by visiting or call us directly at (623)-219-8460.

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