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How to Choose A Commercial Garage Door?

For a typical Phoenix Valley homeowner, you may open your garage door 2-4 times a day. This fails greatly in comparison on the use of a commercial garage door throughout the day, week, month, and year! Selecting a commercial garage door that is strong, durable, functional, and safe commercial garage door for your business is vital!

In order to understand what your commercial garage door needs are, you need to ask yourself a few important questions.

How will the door open?

With commercial garage doors, you can have them open on a track, similar to residential doors where they curve above a work area. You may also elect to go with a commercial door that opens vertically. This is often a choice many businesses elect to go with.

In this type of setup, the door moves upward on the door tracks and does not enter any other work spaces. If you choose to go with an automatic door, make sure the opener you select is rated for the door’s weight and is durable enough to be used frequently every day.

Luckily, the professionals at Garage Door Grunts can make sure you have the right opener for your commercial door.

Basic Model or All the Bells & Whistles?

There are many features you can add to increase the appeal of your commercial garage door. Some doors include windows, some garage doors can be made entirely of “glass” panels. In addition, you should consider the winter season and whether you desire insulation. Insulated doors will help block out the cold and keep work areas warmer in between open and closing the doors.

Depending on your type of business and the needs of the garage door some of these questions may be more important than others.

What type of Security does Your Business Need?

Security is just as much a concern with homeowners as it is with business owners. You want to make sure the door has the right security features to prevent unwanted access to your business and properties inside. You may also want to provide additional measures and require employees to enter an access code to open and close the door from the outside.

Once you have answered these questions you should have a better understanding of your commercial garage door needs here in the Phoenix Valley.

If you have any additional questions about your commercial garage door project contact our team at Garage Door Grunts. We’d be happy to assist you with all of your garage door needs.

Call 623-219-8460 or click here for more information.

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