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Garage Door Repair Tips For Glendale, AZ Homeowners

As a homeowner in Glendale, AZ and the surrounding Phoenix area, garage door repairs or opener repairs should not be something that we should just consider until the door breaks down completely. Instead, you should routinely ensure that every facility in your home, including your garage doors are in proper working conditions.

Proper and regular maintenance are key factors to ensure your garage door will last longer without sacrificing its efficiency. Unfortunately, most homeowners don't fully understand what it entails to keep their garage doors in great working shape.

We have come up with three garage door repair tips for Glendale homeowners to help you save money, time, and energy for your home.

Check And Repair Your Garage Door Tracks

We don't expect you to go out into the garage every night with a flash flight and inspect your garage door tracks. We simply recommend keeping a watchful, observant, eye on your door when it is opening or closing. A common issue for some homeowners it the garage door freezing on its way up the tracks or stopping and reversing back towards the ground.

This can happen when your door's force is too low. You may have to find ways of increasing the force adjustments of the door opener. Before you do anything, we recommend checking to see if the door is moving smoothly on the garage door tracks. You may find that the tracks are damaged or out of place which could be causing the issue.

To check if the door is traveling smoothly, you can pull the emergency release rope to enable you to perform your test by lowering and raising the door manually. In case of any fault, the door will get stuck before completing its full travel up or down the tracks. As soon as you are able to identify the problem we recommend talking with a licensed professional to ensure your off-track garage door gets back on track!

Inspect and Tighten Hardware

Over time, the daily use of a garage door can lead to loosened hardware. It’s a good idea to regularly inspect and tighten roller brackets and bolts to keep future breakage or misalignment from occurring.

Lubricate Crucial Moving Parts

Take about ten minutes a year and keep your garage door operating smoothly by greasing the opener’s chain or screw. You can use a simple spray lubricant on the overhead springs.

Check or Replace Rollers

The rollers tend to last about seven years, but it’s good to check them every six months or so for wear, chips, or cracks. Should you find damage, replace them as soon as possible.

Adjust the Downforce On Your Garage Door Opener

Once you check or repair the garage door tracks and everything is proper condition you may want to check if the garage door is opening and closing easily before reconnecting it to its normal position. If this does not work you may need to adjust the downforce on your garage door opener. This can be a tricky process and can do further damage to your home if not done correctly. Contact Garage Door Grunts for further evaluation.

Adjust the Upforce On Your Garage Door Opener

In case your garage door stops suddenly without opening completely, it is necessary to increase its upward force. This is made possible by turning the adjustment screw a quarter turn at a time in a clockwise manner. Every time you turn the screw, you should retest the door after each adjustment to make it open completely without any problem. Again this can be a tricky process and it may be save more time and money to contact a professional garage door repair company in Glendale, Arizona instead.

Contact Glendale, Arizona's Best Garage Door Repair Company Today!

Garage Door Grunts is Veteran owned and operated and has loved serving the residents and commercial businesses of Glendale, Arizona and the surrounding Phoenix area. Contact our team of expert garage door service repairmen today to get started on getting your door running smoothly again!

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