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Buy Dad a Smart Garage Door Opener this Christmas

Are you looking to find the perfect Christmas gift for your dad or husband this year? Nothing says, "I love you" like a quality smart garage door opener. Let's be honest dad will probably love whatever you get him, but if you want to step out of the box this year, you need to look at a new liftmaster smart garage door opener with myQ technology.

myQ powered garage door openers, locks and cameras work together seamlessly to provide a complete home access solution that will help Dad see the bigger picture of what’s happening at home. Dad can leverage the myQ app as his command center, easily monitoring, sharing and managing home access without interrupting his day.

LiftMaster offers a full range of myQ powered devices so that Dad can build a custom smart garage to meet his specific needs:

LiftMaster Secure View: Go ahead and be Dad’s favorite this year. A smart garage door opener, like the LiftMaster Secure View provides peace of mind that the home and garage are secure, and they are compatible with many of today’s smart home platforms, making it a great addition to an existing smart home setup. With the LiftMaster Secure View’s built-in camera and two-way audio communication, Dad can view live streaming video and recorded events, such as the kids returning from school, from anywhere through the myQ app. Dad can keep an eye on the house and make more room for time with family and his hobbies knowing that the garage is secure, giving him the freedom to experience his day worry free.

LiftMaster Smart Garage Control: If your dad already has a garage door opener he loves, the LiftMaster Smart Garage Control offers a smart solution. This popular upgrade turns an existing garage door opener into a smart one and makes a perfect last-minute gift for Father’s Day. Dad can link a standard garage door opener to the myQ app so he can control, secure and monitor the home’s largest access point from anywhere using his smartphone.

LiftMaster Smart Garage Camera: For added convenience and security, The LiftMaster Smart Garage Camera enhances home security, enabling Dad to see what’s happening in and around the garage anytime, from anywhere through the myQ app. The Smart Garage Camera works alone or adds live or recorded video and motion notifications to any myQ connected garage door opener.

All LiftMaster devices powered myQ work together to provide a complete smart home access solution so Dad can rest easy knowing the door is locked, the garage is closed and the home is secure. Another added bonus is that they also work with Key by Amazon for convenient In-Garage Delivery so dad can ensure that his packages and groceries are secure until he’s ready to get them.

This Christmas give dad not only peace of mind for his family but a more efficient home! Contact Garage Door Grunts today for more information on your Liftmaster myQ smart opener.

Content provided by Liftmaster.

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