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Garage Door Openers


Diagnose Your Garage Door Opener Issues

If you’re rushing out the door for work or returning home with an arms field with groceries, the last thing you want to do is to stand and wait on an incredibly slow garage door. If your garage door opener no longer works or functions slowly to open or close, it might be time for an upgrade from Garage Door Grunts.

  • Marantec Manuals
    Deluxe EX 2005 Elite EX 2007 M4700e Synergy 370 Synergy 380
  • Liftmaster Manuals
    Model 3280-267 Model 3575 Model 3800 Model 3850 Model 3995 Model 2110-2220-267 Model 3240 Model 8165 Model 8355 Model 8355w Model 8360 Model 8360w Model 8365-267 Model 8500 Model 8550w Model 8557 Model 8587 Slide Gate Opener RSL12UL
  • Guardian Manuals
    Model 315 Model 415 Model 425 Model 600SL Model 615 Model 628FCA Model 628
  • Genie Manuals
    Genie Parts Genie All Models

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