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Tracks are an essential part of your garage door system. The track holds the rollers that guide the door as it opens and closes. A garage door typically operates on two tracks. One that runs vertically and one that runs horizontally. Often times the reason a garage door is no longer working properly is due to the door running of the tracks. This can be dangerous and should be addressed by a repair expert. 

Here at Garage Door Grunts, we offer high-quality replacement garage doors, parts, and repair services valley wide. We offer top-tier products from the most trusted manufacturers within the industry, including:



… and more!

Off Track Garage Door Repair - Glendale, Arizona

This common garage repair issue happens when the door comes off the track. If this happens the door will open and close more slowly than usual. The problem could even get to the point where the door may stop moving at all.  This could lead you to find yourself in a situation where you are stuck in your car with no hopes of getting out. Get the problem fixed today and trust that we will offer:

Experienced Experts: Our garage door installers and repair specialists are trained, certified, and skilled in the trade to provide you with service that exceeds your expectations and provides results.

Timely Service: From emergency service calls do your annual garage door maintenance you can trust that you will receive timely, convenient, and affordable garage installations and repairs. 

Durability: We stand behind the quality of the work we do and the quality of the product we offer through our manufacturing partners. 

Quality Solutions: We’re the one-stop-shop for residential garage door service, and we offer everything from installing top-notch doors to replacing & repairing your door system to make sure your garage door is working properly. 

Get your door back on track with the help of the Garage Door Grunts. Know that you can count on value, integrity, and service from a trusted expert. T As a veteran-owned and operated business, you can trust that we will offer our best service and products on your behalf. Give us a call today to learn more about the amazing garage doors we offer! Fill out the form here and we will contact you to schedule a free to you estimate!


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