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Glendale Arizona - Garage Door Services


Garage Door Services, Repair, & Installation in Glendale, AZ

Garage Door Grunts is perfectly located in Glendale, AZ.  Because we are located in the geographical center of the Phoenix Valley we can provide our professional garage door install and repair services 16 Hours a day/365 days a year to almost all of the surrounding communities and areas of the greater Phoenix Metro area.  We are a local, veteran-owned, company and are committed to providing our friends and neighbors with the area’s best garage door services.

Find all garage door services we offer in Glendale, AZ below.

Garage Door Service Call - Glendale, Arizona

The last thing that you want as a Glendale, Arizona homeowner is to have your garage door stop working in the exact moment that you need it to. A hot summer day without access into your garage door can be beyond frustrating! Or if the springs and other mechanisms on your door are not opening properly you also may run the risk of having a dangerous accident. 

Garage Door Grunts is available 24/7 for annual and emergency service calls. We focus on providing the best customer service and getting your garage door back up and running as quickly as possible. Our technicians will arrive promptly and provide free quotes for any repairs that might be necessary. 

Whether you are in need of an entire garage door replacement, fix a broken garage door spring, fix a bent track, or just need lubication our team will help you find the most cost-friendly and quick solution. Contact us today for your Glendale, Arizona garage door service call.


Garage Door Installation - Glendale, Arizona

It all begins and ends with your garage door. Most Glendale, AZ homeowners might agree that they use their garage door more than their front door! With that being the case we understand how important it is to have a garage door that not only operates seamlessly but also matches your style for your home. 

This type of responsibility should not be taken lightly. As a Veteran Owned and Operated company we focus on delivering the most top of the line garage door options with military type commitment. Our garage door technicians will ensure to install your garage door so that it operates reliably every single time. 


We offer hundreds of garage door materials, colors, and styles that you can choose from. Start shopping for your Glendale, Arizona garage door by clicking on the button below!

Garage Door Repairs - Glendale, Arizona

Your garage door serves many purposes. It protects your home and has a great influence on your home’s overall curb appeal. You may not think much about your garage doors throughout your day — until it stops working. Having your car stuck in the garage with no hopes of making it to your life commitments is a stress you should live without. We offer over the phone diagnostics to help you know quickly what the issue may be. 


Here at Garage Door Grunts, we offer a number of operational and aesthetic solutions to make sure that your garage door is working properly and timely including:

Springs - Cables - Rollers - Tracks … and more!

If you have a worn-down, damaged, barely functioning garage door interfering with the function of your home, it is time to get it fixed! Get in touch with Garage Door Grunts today for the reliable garage door repair services you need. We have years of experience with the knowledge and equipment to solve any garage door problem.


Garage Door Openers - Glendale, Arizona

If you’re rushing out the door for work or returning home with an arms field with groceries, the last thing you want to do is to stand and wait on an incredibly slow garage door. If your garage door opener no longer works or functions slowly to open or close, it might be time for an upgrade from Garage Door Grunts.

Here at Garage Door Grunts, we offer high-quality residential garage doors openers, parts, and repair services valley-wide. We offer products from the most trusted manufacturers within the industry.

Our technicians have the expertise to ensure your opener is installed correctly the first time! If you are considering upgrading your garage door, are in need of just a repair, or want to have a safety check contact our garage door opener professionals today!

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