DoorLink Manufacturing

Doorlink Manufacturing, INC manufactures top-quality garage doors for both residential and commercial use. They have a combined total of over 100 years of engineering, sales and customer support experience in the garage door industry.




Design Flexibility

Raised panel garage doors give you the freedom to design them based on your needs and preference. Flexibility is a great benefit. 

Availability of Standard Options

Choosing a raised panel garage door will also provide you with many options when it comes to windows, hardware, materials, and colors, among others. Wood can be painted easily based on your property’s overall theme while fiberglass or composite materials will assure you of quality textures and dent resistance. Raised panel doors can also be made of steel, which comes in both uninsulated builder-grade and fully insulated models with a high R-value for comfort and energy efficiency.

Aesthetic Value

Long panels can make your garage look more dramatic with greater depth and distinction. On the other hand, short panels, especially those with detailed trim, can add a touch of Victorian style to your garage.

Traditional 410/11

Ranch 490/491

Traditional 510/11

Ranch 590/591

Traditional 3610

Ranch 3690




Carriage house collection garage doors reflect the design of a traditional barn or stable door, giving your home’s exterior a mid-century modern appearance. While carriage-style doors complement rustic homes, they also provide a pleasant contrast to contemporary ones. This carriage house style door will boost your home’s curb appeal with a versatile design and enhance its energy efficiency with its layers of insulation.

Even though original carriage house doors were wooden, we offer other low-maintenance options for your garage door, including steel and wood composite, besides natural wood. You could also design your garage door to look like an old-fashioned carriage door with elegant window treatments and decorative hardware.

Grooved 430/431

Grooved 440/441

Grooved 3630

Grooved 3640

Carriage Creek

Woodland Creek




Flush Panel

Flush panel doors are flat. They don’t have recessed or raised panels. They are the simplest design available and but still offer a clean, inviting look with many variations.

Recessed Panel

Recessed Steel Panel garage doors feature the classic look of stile and rail construction combined with proper insulation for high energy efficiency. Available in distinct recessed panel designs, these doors are sure to provide the perfect look and comfort for your home.


A  door or shutter that has horizontal slats to let in light or air. The garage door of course is solid but has a stamp pattern that gives the appearance of the louvered design. Louvered doors have been used in homes since the 18th century. Perfect with homes with a porch perfect for a traditional style.

Flush 450/451

Flush 3650

Recessed 420/21

Recessed 480/81

Recessed 3620

Recessed 3680

Louvered 460/61

Louvered 3660